Our Services

The people best qualified to inspect and test structural construction materials of a project are those who are trained by, and routinely interact with, structural engineers. Eastern Testing and Inspection Corp. (ETI) combines experience in construction inspection and materials testing with a considerable depth of professional resources derived from our affiliation with Smislova, Kehnemui & Associates (SK&A). ETI offers a variety of quality services including testing and inspection, quality control, special inspections, and specialty services.

Often during the building process, difficulty arises when there is misinterpretation between the blueprint and actual creation of the structure. ETI maintains a proactive involvement in our projects—significantly reducing conflicts between construction and design as well as construction delays due to fragments in the contractor’s schedule. If a conflict occurs during construction, ETI is poised to resolve them immediately through collaboration with the structural engineer of record, general contractor and sub-contractor.

Having performed over 150 concrete cylinder compression tests per day and inspected several million square feet of building construction per year, ETI has established a solid reputation for excellent customer service, accessibility, and responsiveness with a focus on solutions.

Testing + Inspection

ETI's experienced, certified structural inspectors and technicians provide field inspections of structural construction work as well as field/lab testing of construction materials. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we offer the most efficient and advanced laboratory, forensic, and field testing in addition to non-destructive testing and examinations.

Quality Control

Our quality control services ensure that every project complies with the International Building Code (IBC), project specifications, contract drawings, and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards in order to achieve the highest quality result.

Precast Concrete
Engineered Masonry
Product/Plant Quality Control and Inspection
EIFS Observations
Roofing and Waterproofing Observations
Preconstruction Specification Review
Wood Framing Inspection
Bridge and Roadway Inspections
Specialty Services

As a distinguished testing and inspection firm, with a reputation for talent and ability in troubleshooting and problem solving, we offer a wide range of specialty inspection and testing services to meet the needs of all of our clientele.  

Ground Penetrating Radar Test
Ultrasonic Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing
Impact Echo Test
Sonic Echo/Impulse Response Test
Core Drilling/Bond Strength Test
Core Samples
Chloride Ion Test
Windsor Probe Tests
Relative Humidity Test
Anchor Pull-out Test
Membrane Pull Test
Floor Flatness/Levelness
Visual Weld Inspections

ETI's performance on our project was planned and supervised properly by senior management...It has been a pleasure to work with ETI.

Paul Nazelrod
Washington Property Company

“ETI's overall performance was excellent, the quality of their work was excellent, and we will continue to use them on future projects.”

Gary Kirstein
Encore Development