Wardman Tower

ETI provided non-destructive examination (NDE) of the in situ reinforced concrete beams at the Wardman Tower luxury residential building.  The building’s superstructure is undocumented, and testing was done to determine the structural capacity of the existing structural system.  There were several cracks on the third and fourth floor concrete beams observed by SK&A Structural Engineers, during a site walk-through.  ETI provided NDE technicians to conduct ground penetration radar (GPR) scanning and perform impact echo tests (IE) at seven concrete beams to determine the existence of and locate, internal voids, micro-fissures, or delamination.

There were numerous existing cracks and spalling of the fifth floor concrete beams observed by others, during a site walk-through.  In order for the structural engineer of record (SK&A) to properly develop a floor repair scope for the project, the repair of the beams needed to be incorporated into the permit set of documents.  The resulting data from the GPR scanning was used in the floor repair scope.  Additionally, IE scans of the beams on the sixth floor were conducted to determine the soundness of the in situ concrete framing system.