ETI Presents Floor Flatness Demo for SEA-MW Young Members

March 12, 2014

ETI’s technicians recently performed a live floor flatness demonstration at a job site in downtown Washington, DC for the Structural Engineers Association of Metropolitan Washington’s (SEA-MW) Young Member’s Group.  The demonstration provided the young professionals an up-close view as the project site’s floor flatness and levelness were measured and checked for compliance using a “floor profiler”.  The presentation also involved the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, which is used to identify materials embedded within concrete.

A floor profiler device is used to measure concrete floor and pavement profiles or levelness. The measurements are translated into Face Floor Profile Numbers, i.e., “F-Numbers” which are checked against project specifications. The use of the device during construction in the field provides immediate results, allowing contractor crews to produce and ensure flatter floors.

GPR equipment is also used on construction sites to develop electromagnetic-generated imagery for multiple applications, including: locating rebar, plastic and metal conduits; locating and estimating the depth of post-tension cables; detecting current carrying cables; detecting deterioration; and to identify voids.  

To view a gallery of images from the demonstration, click here.