About Us


Eastern Testing & Inspection

Founded by Azer Kehnemui in 1979, Eastern Testing and Inspection Corp. (ETI), is The SK&A Group’s construction materials testing and inspection affiliate. Located in SK&A’s Potomac, Maryland office, ETI is managed and led by Charles Mitchell, Vice President, along with David Rodler, PE, who provides additional oversight as ETI’s President.

With a commitment to quality and responsiveness, ETI performs field monitoring of structural construction work, specialty concrete testing, and field and laboratory testing of construction materials. Our inspection and testing personnel are fully trained, competent, experienced, and certified under the appropriate WACEL, PTI, ACI, AWS and ICC inspector or technician categories. 

Having worked with structural engineers on numerous projects, our inspectors are very familiar with structural engineering procedures and have the ability to communicate required corrections as well as owner-directed changes before they are built into the structure.  They are uniquely qualified to provide prompt responses to contractors’ field questions, expedite corrective measures to address contractor errors or variances in the contract documents, help build and maintain communication and positive working relationships with the contractor, and minimize misinterpretation of the structural design intent.

Small Business Certification

  • Federal Small Business Administration (SBA) Small Self-Certified Business